NaturaLatex Tranquil by Natura

Nutshell review: It was also our greatest foam bed encounter yet. From the get go, this bed was incredibly comfy and found favor with both Sara Kate and myself, and we hadn’t both enjoyed a bed. It is a soft, but encouraging, foam surface that’s no odd off-gassing scents and will not sleep “hot.”

Slumber Encounter
NaturaLatex Tranquil by Natura01

Our foam bed encounters to date was challenging, and either ran “difficult” (100% natural latex) or “hot” (memory foam), yet this bed reached a great balance. While myself Sara more solid, and favor softer beds, this one was comfy for both of us.

If so, please I would like to know in the comments how it is going for you.
NaturaLatex Tranquil by Natura02

Additionally included with this bed was an All-Natural Dream Teammate Pillow latex fill, cotton and wool which was exceptionally comfy.


While hardcore eco supporters may take exception with this particular bed being “built with [only] 66% green, natural or organic parts,” the tradeoff appears to work. The combination of elements makes for quite a healthy bed, which has an affordable price point and is, in addition, cozy. 100% green beds are made by Natural at price points that are higher, but we expressly asked for something in the center of their line.

The elements that are natural are undoubtedly on display, yet, and extremely close to your skin. Of these, myself believed it absolutely was the generous utilization of wool in making the bed feel quite breathable, that made a difference.

— healthy skin rejuvenation Excites and offers an antimicrobial slumber surface
— 2.3 pounds Pure Natural Wool (TMark)
Enhances circulation by cushioning pressure points

— Natural cotton fire obstacle
Meets and exceeds all US & Canadian flammability standards

Improves while supplementing cushioning relaxation support

— 2″ Talalay latex (combined)
NaturaLatex Tranquil by Natura03

Consumes motion transport couples can sleep undisturbed

Provides cushioning support across the entire mattress surface


With all-natural and natural beds coming in with high price points, because of the cost of the substances, the bed’s cost looks quite great to me.

The single drawback of the product line of Natural is the infinite variations. A bed is at virtually every price level with little distinctions in their parts. While this is great for option, it does make you question whether the bed you selected is the “greatest” one for you.

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