Silentnight 3-Zone Memory Foam Rolled Mattress

This really is just another product from the Silentnight maker, which features the same technologies -Zone one. Again it’s delivered rolled up, making move a good deal more easy and has a 5 year guarantee. The guarantee of course occurs just under circumstances that are certain, so make sure you read the policy.



Silentnight 3-Zone Memory Foam Rolled Mattress01

Taking in consideration different technology used via this maker, there’s a possibility that you may want a while to get used. You’ll sleep surrounded by the soft memory foam, when that occurs.

Comfort and the softness of the mattress are proven to give a particular help for those who have issues associated with pain. It’s still great to get some insurance for your cash, even though the mattress isn’t that pricey.


Not nicely designed/built

There are complaints from customers that discover added support to be provided by the deficiency of a foundation layer as a negative side of the merchandise, during the nighttime. The mattress consists of one memory foam layer, which is comfy and soft, but does not have much support capacities.


There’s plenty of comments on the scent the mattress creates. The chemical odor coming with memory foam products generally goes away after some time and is typical.


The heat is, in addition, a standard problem with memory foam goods, but many of them produce warmness that is bearable.

Mid-priced, mid-quality!

For such sum of an investment, there’s nothing more to expect compared to the firm has supplied. Mainly for you to be made, the determination is, but if you’re buying mid-course option, it is a decent one.


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